The Best Massages + Spas in Kansas City (2023)

The Best Massages + Spas in Kansas City (1)


How We Choose: Our Criteria for the Best Businesses

Looking for quality massages and spas in the Kansas City area?

It’s not easy identifying the best local companies, even if you’ve lived in the same city your whole life.

Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Using metrics from major local directories like Google and working with our local networks to factor in offline characteristics like local reputation, quality of services and other anecdotal evidence we’ve gathered the top businesses in KC in one easy list for you.

Find and support your favorite local day spa with this exclusive guide today!

Par Exsalonce Salon and Day Spa

The conception of this amazing spa was birthed in November 1984. Needless to say, it has a substantial amount of influence in the industry.You will find 15 styling stations, a suite with pedicure beds, and manicure stations. Lastly, there are four massage rooms for spa treatments.

The services provided are makeup and waxing, massage, bridal treatments, skin, hair, nails, and a variety of spa packages. Treatments can be booked online.

There are two locations to chooses from to receive regular massage therapy: College Village or Zona Rosa.

Massage Heights

Massage Heights is a one-stop shop for massage and wellness treatments. It has a focus on holistic health and even has resources to continue your treatment at home. So that wellness is not just when you visit there, but something you can carry into a day-to-day lifestyle. Massage Heights is rather renowned and has many locations across the United States.

Its mission is to help everyone live a more healthy and vibrant life. The massages help to accomplish that mission. The services provided are six types of massages, four types of facials, massage elevations, and aromatherapy.

If this is a place you can foresee yourself visiting on a regular basis, Massage Heights has a membership with several members benefits and discounts.

Total Bliss Massage and Foot Spa

Chanda O’Neill is the owner and the founder of Total Bliss Massage. Chanda has been providing her therapies in the heart of Kansas City for many years. She is an intuitive healer that has constructed her own methods of healing massage and overall body therapies. Customers enjoy her Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point release therapy, hot stone massage, and more.

Her philosophy is: “The better you feel on the inside, the more confident and happy you’ll be with how you look on the outside.”

All services can be booked online.

Total Bliss Massage currently has over 100 reviews on Facebook with a star rating of 4.9 out of 5.

Thai Massage in Kansas City

The spa focuses on foot reflexology. This amazing experience allows you to have a focused area massage. The pressure points being in the feet those pressure points affect other parts of your body, giving you a more well-rounded feeling of wellness.Other services include Thai massage, hot stone massage, premium packages allowing you to combine services, and deluxe packages for more extensive treatment.

The photo gallery on the website is pretty extensive. It allows you to get a sense of the environment.

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All services can be booked online.


The focus here is on mind, body, and soul. Complete wholeness is what Woodside provides to its clients. All of its trainers and therapists focus on the way that you look and feel, not just one or the other.You can have a full-fledged experience by attending classes, Pilates, specialized training, the spa, the pools, tennis, and even food and drink.

Under the wellness program, there is a focus on the prevention of cancer. Woodside has partnered with the University of Kansas Cancer Center, which gives its members the newest insights and information into cancer awareness and prevention. Woodside also gives access to treatment and support resources so that one can create a comprehensive prevention and wellness plan.

Tao Reflexology

Tao Reflexology has quite a wide variety of reflexology treatments, including the Foot Reflexology Plus, which has three different options to choose from for the head, neck, shoulders, and back.The Tao Special offers acupuncture for the back, head, head, hand, and neck and shoulder. There are four Tao Specials available.

Lastly, there is the Tao #five combo package that focuses on acupressure of your shoulders and neck.

This location is all about finding rest. The message to clients and potential clients is, “Life is crazy. It’s easy to lose sight of who you are and what’s important. Find yourself and remind yourself at Milagro.”The ambiance is incredible, with low, warm lights and luxurious touches all about. It feels like an escape or a retreat. To get a taste of its feel, you can do a spa tour on the website.

Massage therapy includes customized massages according to particular needs. There are various packages to choose from, but all of them may include heat packs, steam towels, aromatherapy, and a variety of massage techniques that are therapeutic.

All services can be booked online.

GreenleafMassage and Day Spa

This is centrally located in Kansas City not too far from Westport, the Crossroads Arts District, the Country Club Plaza, and downtown Kansas City. GreenleafMassage and Day Spa is found in the Uptown Theater building.

Greenleaf has a total of nine certified and licensed employees to help facilitate building operations as well as treatments and therapeutics.To get an overall feel of the environment, the gallery on the website shows a whimsical and kind of mysterious feel. It appears to give off a sense of a cool and relaxing feeling.

The services provided are various types of massage therapy, infrared sauna therapy, and skincare.

Under the massage therapy category, Greenleaf provides a wonderful resource of why it’s important to have massages on a regular basis. Some of those include lessening depression and anxiety, reducing spasms and cramping, alleviating back pain, creating a larger range of motion and so much more. It is a page of genuinely helpful information.

You can schedule any of the services online, as well as over the phone.

Connie Suss is the president, owner and CEO of Bijin Salon & Spa, which is located in Midtown Kansas City. Over the last three decades, it has become an internationally acclaimed salon and brand. Connie takes her time to invest in her staff and creates an environment where everyone can grow and thrive.

The salon offers basic haircuts, deep conditioning hair treatments, dimension color, permanent hair color, semi-permanent hair color, advanced color technology, color correction, Keratin complex, and more! The menu is rather extensive and also has particular services for children and brides.

The spa offers therapeutic massages that induce deep relaxation, stress reduction, and relief from bodily pain.

Also, there is the Bijin Series Package, the maintenance massage, the athletic massage, the deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, prenatal massage, and a melt-away massage, which helps to relieve headache and sinus pressure. Additional services include reflexology and cupping therapy.

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The spa also has a studio that provides additional and more advanced hair care and styling procedures.

You can also visit the online shop for beauty care needs and buy gift cards.

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Spalation is a unique combination of therapeutic treatments with medical expertise. This combination helps to create the most real well-rounded impact upon overall health.

All of the services that can be purchased are used to create tranquility as the first step, then calm and then relaxation. It is in this state that the body can heal itself.The services available are sports massage, deep tissue massage, combination massages, and various packages that include Thai massage, prenatal massage, and aromatherapy massage.

Some packages even come with a beverage and a snack.

Asian Massage

Asian Massage's newest location has just opened up in Kansas City on 39th and Broadway. This massage parlor focuses on customization, so when you call, you will get a quote based upon the needs you have.Services available include full body massage, private warm rooms, professional massage tables, luxurious linens for every client, and ample body oil massage.

The Spa at Briarcliff

The spa's tagline is “Your escape to luxury. Escape your busy life and revel in the luxurious spa experience you deserve.” Located in the north part of Kansas City, it is known for its high-end spa services. It also offers group and couples getaways.

The current promotion is 20% off your order if you book three or more one-hour services for one person.

The services available are massages, facials, spray tanning, body services, hair removal, manicures, and pedicures. One luxurious service to try is the European Bath, which is a complementary experience that is 30 minutes long. If you just want to enjoy the European Bath, you can purchase a day pass for $20 per person.

Sopra Salon and Spa

Sopra Salon and Spa hires talented massage therapists, aestheticians, and stylists. They treat all of their clients with generosity, care, and kindness as part of their beauty routines.

To get to know their new clients better on their website, they have everyone fill out a new guest form. It is a detailed form that helps them get to know the types of services that you have need. From there, you will be contacted and a more formal introduction will be made.

Sopra has a wide variety of staff members to cover all of the dynamics of the expansive spa.

Ultimate Escape Day Spa

If you need a place of escape and refuge, Ultimate Escape Day Spa is for you. The spa aims to create a space for all to focus on their well-being.

After the times we have been living in, everyone can use exactly what Ultimate Escape has to offer. You can book a massage online, or simply call to make an appointment.

Solaris Massage

Solaris Massage has been around since 2004! Each therapist is licensed and very detail-oriented. What sets it option apart from the rest is the fact that Solaria only focuses on massage and only has two packages to choose from. The benefit is that all therapists are highly and thoroughly trained to give you the best massage you’ve ever had!

When you take a look at the website, you can see that the staff members seem like a cohesive, fun-loving team.

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For regular members, Solaris provides specials deals on massages.

Hollyday Med Spa and Aesthetics

The combination of medical treatments and aesthetics is one of the reasons why people choose this spa. It creates wholeness from the inside out!

The overall feeling is one of hospitality, attention, best products, techniques, and machines. Everything is shaped around clients having the best experience in a variety of ways.

Services include basic skincare, advanced skincare, injectables, and body care. For now, let’s just focus on body care.The services that fall under body care include EMsculpt, CoolSculpting and micro-needling for skin tightening. Also, you can receive the Pham Touch Vaginal Rejuvenation service and permanent hair reduction.

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KC North Massage LLC

Owner is Corbie Kobett has been a licensed massage therapist since 2006. It is her love of people and desire to see them free of bodily pain that she offers services such as medical massage, cupping, hot stone, and more.So, if you are looking for more than just a relaxing massage, but one that addresses real issues, this is a great place to go to.

You can call or book online to make your appointment.

Luxe Salon and Spa

Luxe Salon and Spa was formally known as Naturally Salon and Spa, which started over 30 years ago, but in 2013 the company switched owners and the rebranding began. Luxe strives for quality services and experiences and to grow a community around and through beauty while serving others.

The spa services provided are dermaplaning, lashes, dual exfoliation facial, perfecting plant peel and Tulasara facial treatment. For facial treatments, they recommend a weekly routine for the best long-term results.

The most popular massage is that Aveda Aroma Massage. It’s wonderful because you will have a consultation with a therapist beforehand to construct the appropriate Aveda Aroma Massage for your body’s personal needs.

The Elms Hotel and Spa

This place has an eye-catching and breathtaking appeal. It has been an iconic destination for more than a century. The elite and celebrity alike have frequented this amazing spot. It is known for its exquisite amenities and gorgeous grounds.

The spa treatments include hot stone massage, Elms therapeutic massage, waterfall and hot stone massage, Elms Swedish massage, and reflexology massage. Also, there is a prenatal massage. If you want to go all out, you can also choose from one of the many facial treatments.

Haven Wellness and Spa

The spa is owned by Katie Brock. The heart behind her business is that she wants to create a relaxing, refreshing, and inspiring wellness-based environment where her clients are encouraged to cater to their wellness and develop healing practices they can follow for a lifetime.

The massage treatments available are kinesiology taping, instrumental assisted soft tissue manipulation, hot stones, CBD massage, energy balancing, cupping therapy, facial cupping treatment, abdominal cupping treatment, cellulite reduction cupping treatment, prenatal massage, body smoothing treatment, aromatherapy, facial treatment, foot treatment, and chair massage.

Mobile Massage of Kansas City

This is a wonderful company to go with if you are looking for massage therapy to come to you! Mobile Massage of Kansas City specializes in in-home massage, spa parties, hotel massages, couples massages, and event chair massages.

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Just because it is mobile does not mean that the massage therapists lack in skill. All of the massages render muscle ease, promote self-healing and restoration of the body.

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KC Massage

This location is known for its clean and comfortable environment. When you just want to feel refreshed, even the atmosphere will do that for you. You can even go online and see the gallery of photos to get a feel for the place.

Services provided are body massage, couples massage, combo massage, foot massage, chair massage, and for a certain fee you can add on 60 minutes of a full body massage to any of the choices listed above.

Heartsong Bodywork

The focus of the therapies found at Heartsong is to induce a nurturing “time out” for individuals who have dysfunctions in their muscles, who need pain relief and energy balancing. So the main focuses of massage here are energy balance and reflexology. Heartsong is open Tuesday through Thursday with a schedule that accommodates most people.

The energy balancing sessions run in two parts. The first part is the preparation, which normally lasts 30 to 45 minutes. Then the energy balancing session itself lasts about 30 minutes. Appointments can be made over the phone or through text.

The Glam Room

The Glam Room is owned and operated by Carl Glorioso. It is situated in the heart of Kansas City just a short distance away from downtown in the historic River Market area.

Services provided are facial treatments, med spa, body waxing, and a body wrap system. Let’s not forget lash and brow services, hair treatments, styling, groom barbering, naturopathy, and CoolSculpting. There is so much to experience here.

The Glam Room has tons of acclaimed reviews for its hairstyling services, as well as the friendliness and cohesiveness of the team.

Spa on Penn

The Spa on Penn is a top-of-the-line luxurious option when you want to spoil yourself a little bit! Booking is very convenient as the Spa on Penn offers 24/7 online booking. You do have to call in for a gift certificate for purchases.

Services include massage therapy, skincare, wellness, hair and scalp treatments, hairstyling, permanent hair reduction, lashes and brows, nails, body treatments, energy therapies, and makeup.

The Vectus Laser is one of the fastest hair removal treatments on the market right now. It is known to effectively deal with large areas where unwanted hair resides.

Kansas City Wellness Club

For this fine spa, it’s all about wellness by using natural and sustainable products to help enhance the lives of all of the visitors in a healthy, pure manner.

In the realm of massage therapy, there are complimentary sauna sessions or steam baths with any of the full-service options. There are six massage therapies to choose from: the signature massage, reflexology, mother-to-be, side-by-side couples, and deep tissue massage with added enhancements like aromatherapy, cupping, and hot stones.

Body Renewal Massage

Body Renewal Massage's main goal is to create rest and relaxation for all clients. The therapists understand that the world can be harsh, draining, and unrelenting in all daily demands.

This spa believes that the body can heal itself and that massage benefits the body in these ways: the urinary system, the respiratory system, digestive system, skeletal system, muscular system, circulatory system, and nervous system.

The type of massages available include prenatal massage, ear candling, Swedish massage, assisted therapeutic stretch, aromatherapy body wrap, and hot stone therapy.

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