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EZ-Flash 3DS setThe EZteam is a respected group among video gamers and is well-known for making top of the line flashcards.  The EZteam has released the EZflash V Plus which is an upgrade from the previous work, the EZflash V. This version is now able to support Micro SD cars exceeding 2gb, something its predecessor was unable to do.
The EZFlash V Plus package comes with a lot of freebies. It comes with a 3in1 Expansion Pack, which can be used to play backed up games from the Game Boy Advance.  An extendable stylus, which has a good quality; a thumb stylus, which might look fun but seems a little awkward if you’re not used to using your thumb in lieu of a pen; a card case which can be used to store any game card; and a USB MicroSD reader.

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Aside from great freebies, the EZFlash V Plus also boasts a lot of nifty features.

ezflash 3ds menu
  • It has a soft reset which can be done by pressing a specific combination of buttons.
  • It has a no pass feature which means that you can run DS code from GBA devices without making any modifications whatsoever.
  • It features a cheat database which can give the user infinite ammos, infinite lives and other cheats that can be used to help make finishing the game much, much easier.  The database contains codes the must be selected so the system knows which cheat to enable.
  • Download play is also a feature the EZFlash V Plus boasts which allows the user to download games using a wireless networking device.


There are a lot of other features that this flashcard has but the ones listed above is what most owners of the EZFlash V Plus says makes it more recognizable that its competitors.

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